About Us


Small Mountain Investments is a play on the partners last name “Hill”. Austin and Ryan have traveled to over 10 different countries and most of the USA. Colorado is their favorite place to ski, bike, hike, golf and soak up the sun with friends/family but what they enjoy most about Colorado is the PEOPLE. Running a real estate investment company in Denver and the surrounding areas gives the Hill brothers an opportunity to interact help Colorado residents get what they WANT and NEED out of a sale of their property. Whether you are moving, getting a divorce, need to downsize, in a tough financial spot or wanting to cash in on your equity, Austin and Ryan would love to chat with you.

Our Services

Sell Your House on Terms

- Make more money over time (you collect interest for the length of the term)

- Higher offer than cash

- We take over repair and maintenance

- You hold the note on the property

- Property is collateral so if there is any funny business (which there won't be) you'll get ownership of the home back

- Call us at (720) 907-4015 to see what we can offer you!

Sell Your House for Cash

- Typically close within 30 days of our first conversation

- Easy, efficient and least amount of decisions you will need to make

- To be honest, the offer is usually lower than an offer on terms because of the shorter timeline, we will need to bring more money and resources to close

- Call us at (720) 907-4015 to see what we can offer you!

How We Make Money

Alright, let’s talk about the elephant in the room! You obviously know we will be making money on this somehow, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to be here trying to help you. We are a for profit company, but we pride ourselves on getting you what you want/need first and foremost, and then we do my best to work our fees in on top of that - we like to find a win-win for everyone so we are all happy.

On Cash Deals, we make money by increasing the price of what we are paying you and then selling to one of our investor cash buyers for a slightly higher price (our investor buyers can sometimes pay more for a property than we can, so if it makes sense to bring them in we will).

On Terms Deals (and these are the best win-win situation in our opinion because we both have the ability to make more money) We make money by placing a rent to own buyer in the property after closing, then we charge them more in rent that what our monthly payment is to you, so we have positive monthly cash flow too.

The truth is we spend time, our money marketing and all our efforts into getting you what you need. So the bottom line is we don’t make any money unless I help you, so it’s in our best interest to work hard for you!

Our Process

Initial call we will talk about (15 minutes):

1. Your situation (why are you considering selling your house)

2. Your property

3. What you want to get out of selling your home

4. Ways we can work together

5. More detail on how we make money

6. Any questions you may have!

We will review everything from our call and get back to you with our thoughts and potential offers (usually the next day)

After we talk you can let us know what you want to do:

 – No pressure either way, if it works it works. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. Best case, we work together and can make this work for you. Worst case, we each met a new, interesting person, had a good conversation and we didn’t waste too much of your time. 

Call us at (720) 907-4015 to see what we can offer you in a no pressure, 15 minute call. 



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